Join us in El Salvador: June 25-30 2024

Summer Solstice is a time to celebrate the vibrant light of the Sun and ignite the light within. Kick off the turn of the season in community with a fully immersive holistic wellness retreat!

Join your retreat hosts Tifftopia & Megan & Rob Newmans for 5 nights and 6 days of yoga, surf, and adventure at Mizata’s “Antiresort”. This self care journey is designed for recalibration and your personal evolution!

Experience all the magic we have in store for you for through mindfulness, movement, healing arts, holistic health workshops, and connection to nature.


Join us at the Standard: April 7th, 2024 

Mindful yoga with a multi-sensory twist! The art of movement merged with science. A class for everyone, all levels. You will experience heart coherence intentions with guided mindful movement & meditation! Yoga with alignments, breathing and benefits that will melt you into your intelligent mind, body and soul! A chance to drop in deep, listen to the sweet whispers and receive your own healing love! Leaving you feeling aligned, limitless & your most highest self! $75 includes indoor baths afterward.